We ship most eBay items by Priority Mail using the United States Postal Service.  Antique Time & Timebuilder Auctions pays for the tracking information.  All items that we ship must have either insurance or tracking information.

Priority Mail fee is $6.95
Express Mail is $18.95

If you purchase more than one item we combine the shipping to save you money.  The rate for each additional item may vary, however, most of the time we send the additional purchase at no additional cost to you.  If we need to charge for an additional item, the rate is as follows.

Priority Mail Combined $3.85
Express Mail Combined $11.95


If you live out of the United States, we ship using the United States Postal Service Global Priority.  There are other rates available from the USPS.  We will ship using the service that is least expensive for our customers.  The basic International Rates are as follows.

Global Priority $12.95
Global Express $32.95

Combined Additional Purchase

Global Priority Combined $6.95
Global Express Combined $12.95


Most of the time we pay for the cost of insurance.  We do this for our own peace-of-mind as well as our customer's.  In the event that we find it necessary to charge our customers for insurance, the following rates will apply.

1.00 to 50.00 $1.80
50.01 to 100.00 $2.20
100.01 to 200.00 $3.20
201.01 to 300.00 $4.20
301.01 to 400.00 $5.20
401.01 to 500.00 $6.20

Each additional $100.00 of coverage $1.00.


Any country that by regulation we are not permitted to ship to.  A listing of these countries and the restrictions  are available from the United States Postal Service Index of Countries & Localities.   Be sure to check your location for any restrictions that may apply.  In addition to these countries, we will not ship to the following:


Additional countries may be listed at a later date.

Again, it is our desire to assist you in making your purchase from us on eBay as easy as possible.  We are always here to assist you in making your purchase a reality.  If you have any questions, we can be reached at our eBay email address.  Please do not hesitate to contact us.


Here is some additional shipping information that you may find useful when shipping fragile items such as watches or glassware.

  • PROPER PACKAGING.  When watches are sent to us, it is usually because they are in need of repair or general maintenance.  Carefully packing your watch for shipment prevents a simple repair from turning into a complex repair.  DON'T over pack or stuff your box so tight with fill material.  When you do this, any outside force on the box is directly transmitted to the watch inside of the box.  This can cause damage to delicate balance staffs should the package get dropped or thrown during shipment.

  • ALLOW BREATHING ROOM.  Wrap your watch in small bubble wrap and place inside a box that allows at least 3 to 4 inches around the watch.  Now use light peanut foam fill material to surround the watch.  Don't pack to tight.  Allow the watch to "Float" inside the box.  This way, should the box get dropped, the watch will be able to move a small amount while the packing material absorbs the impact, thus allowing the watch to gently move while the impact is dissipated.  This is the old "Egg In The Box" trick.

  • PRIORITY MAIL.  This is the best way to ship your watch and is also the least expensive.  You can also insure priority mail for any amount you need and you can also purchase tracking numbers for the package.  The Post Office supplies boxes and tape free of charge. 

  • EXPRESS MAIL.  Express Mail is available and comes with automatic insurance of $100.00.  Additional insurance coverage is available along with tracking numbers.  We will NOT ship watches using UPS or FedEx.  Watches are classified as jewelry, therefore, UPS and FedEx will not insure them.