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Hamilton 992B's With The 4C Prefix.
The Last of the Last American Railroad Pocket Watches

It is known that the Hamilton Watch Company officially stated that they were going to close operations on January 6, 1969.  This meant that they would no longer produce watches.  However, Hamilton appears to have had many unfinished movements available and as such, they completed what they had parts for.  This seems to account for the fact that about 17 examples exist of the Hamilton 992B with a serial number that starts with 4C.  The 4C prefix was originally used on the military versions of the Hamilton 992B.  These watches were known as the Hamilton 4992B.  Following are a few pictures of the military Hamilton 4992B.  You can see the difference on the pillar plates as compared to the regular 992B.  Note the hack mechanism that can be seen in the first two pictures.


When Hamilton completed the last run of the 992B a special serial number range was assigned to these Hamilton's.  This range of numbers was much higher than the military versions.  Six numbers followed the 4C designation.

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From the information we have been able to compile it would appear that the last of the Hamilton 992B's were completed in early 1971.  Following are some pictures of a Hamilton 992B that was one of the last ones completed by Hamilton.  The serial number of this watch is 4C145715.



There are a few things to note about these last Hamilton 992B's.  All seem to use the later melamine dials and not porcelain.  They are still marked Hamilton Railway Special.  Two different types of cases were used.  Gold filled and stainless steel.  The gold filled cases are marked on the bottom of the case ring with the number 87120.  Stainless cases are marked 87100.  The cap jewel plate over the 4th. wheel is a white color and not gold colored as in the regular production 992B's.  The upper plates still have the regular straight line damaskeened pattern.  The inside of the watch case also has a red mark.  It is thought that this red mark identified the person who completed the watch.  The inside of the watch case also has a circular pattern.  These cases were made by the Star Watch Case Company and also have a serial number.  Some of the case backs have the straight satin finish and others have a circular satin finish.  These cases also came with a glass crystal and not plastic.  The crowns have the standard Hamilton markings.

These are very special watches which mark the end of the American Railroad pocket watch that was perfected and produced in America.

Following is one of the last advertisements for the Hamilton 992B pocket watch from 1971.

The following shows the many different types of pocket watch cases used on Hamilton pocket watches.

It would be nice to be able to buy Hamilton pocket watches at the prices listed in this original Hamilton advertisement.

The following picture shows the diagram of the Hamilton bar over crown pocket watch case.  These cases are very good looking and popular with watch collectors.


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