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Here is a directory of our Antique Time web sites.  Here you can find direct links to all of our web sites, message boards and our online stores.  Click on any link to go directly to your selection.  We are glad you chose to spend some time with us.



Antique Time American Horologist Message Board. This is our customer service message board for Antique Time.  Here you will find a lot of good horological and watch related information.  You can learn about watches and watchmakers tools here.

Timebuilder eBay My World.  My World on eBay is a very special place.  It is our own special part of eBay.  Here you will find items that we are interested in collecting and selling on eBay.  You will also find other community members of eBay that share our interests.  It a great place to make new friends within the eBay community.

Timebuilder American Horologist.  Our blogs located on Blogspot which has many unique postings about eBay items, horology and other neat information about watches and tips and tricks of the watchmakers trade.  We also showcase many different dial refinishing jobs we have done in the past.  We also show many different watches we have worked on over the years that we found to be of interest.  If you use LiveJournal we can also be found there as well with identical content and postings.  Timebuilder American Horologist on LiveJournal.

Antique Time On Twitter.  You can follow Antique Time on Twitter.   For horological information and topics relating to watches.

Timebuilder On Twitter.  You can follow Timebuilder on Twitter.  Geared towards our eBay auctions and our Timebuilder eBay Store.


Horologist.com.  This has always been our Flagship web site for many years.  This is the web site you are on right now.  Here you can find information on just about anything from pocket watches to wrist watches.  Our navigation structure is easy and very simple to follow.  Please enjoy your visit here.

Timebuilders.com.  For many years this was our sister site that served as a backup for Horologist.com.  This web site is now used for our Timebuilders Online eStore.  Take some time and look around our eStore where you can find many horological items and collectibles.

Below you will find links to some interesting web sites that are very useful.

Check these websites out.  They are very interesting and they explain certain elements that have an affect on our timekeeping abilities.

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Satellites In Various Earth Orbits