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The Rolex watch is a beautiful machine comprised of hundreds of precision parts all working in unison to precisely measure the escapement of time.  Power delivered through the gear train by the mainspring is transmitted to the fast beating balance wheel, that due to its rapid arc of motion, is largely unaffected by external forces exerted upon it by the person wearing this fine tuned machine.

As is the case with any fine mechanical instrument, special tools are required in order to properly service and adjust a precision instrument such as a fine timepiece.  We have taken a few pictures of some of the tools that are used to service a Rolex watch.  These tools are also made to very exacting specifications.  Without them it would be next to impossible to properly overhaul and service a Rolex watch.

We are always updating our tools in order to keep up-to-date with any changes watch manufacturing companies make from time-to-time.



Rolex Bezel & Crystal Press

This official Rolex tool is used to properly install any bezel on a watch case. It is also used to insert crystals into the watch case. Each plug is machined to fit a specific Rolex case. Not using this tool could damage valuable Rolex cases and parts.

Rolex Case Tube Inserting Tool

This official Rolex tool is precision designed to properly insert any Rolex case tube. The case tube is very important as it is the most likely point at which moisture can enter the watch case. Without using this fine tool case tube installation might be compromised.

Rolex Staking Tools

Rolex watches contain what is called an oscillating weight that winds the watch with the motion of ones arm. When the oscillating weight arbor becomes worn, these tools are used to stake or attach the new arbor to the weight.

Rolex Date Change Screw Tool

This tool is used on several models of Rolex watches which require a certain amount of tension be applied to the date change drive wheel screw. When the shaft of this tool slips between the fingers, the correct amount of torque has been applied and the date will change without effort or drag.

Rolex Micro Stella Wrench

These official Rolex tools are used to adjust the speed of the balance wheel of the Rolex watch. The balance wheel contains screws with a unique star head. These tools fit this unique screw whereby one can bring the watch to time.

Rolex Micro Stella Wrench

Here is another view of these unique tools showing both types of wrench tips. Moving the screw in speeds up the motion of the balance wheel. Moving them out slows it.

Rolex Bergeon Case Opening Tools

Just as the internal parts of the Rolex are exact, so is the watch case that protect the valuable watch movement. These tools are used to open the Rolex case without causing expensive damage.

Rolex Bergeon Case Opening Tools

Here is a close-up view of the knurled tools that match the knurles of the Rolex case backs.

Rolex Case Closing Tool

In order to properly close and seal a Rolex case, this tool is used to apply the correct amount of tension without damaging the case.

Rolex LG Openall Case Tool

This tool is spring loaded and is also used to open and close Rolex cases without causing damage.

Rolex LG Openall Case Tool

Here is a close-up view of this well made and time tested tool. This will open, without damage, any Rolex Oyster Case.

Rolex Pressure Testing Tool

This well designed tool by Bergeon is used to pressure test Rolex and other water tight cases.

Pressure Testing Of Watch Cases

Watches are taken to 3 atmoshperes in pressure. The watch is then lowered into the tank. Any area that is compromised will be revealed by the forming of bubbles. These areas are then sealed to prevent leaks.

Electronic Timing Of Watches

The B-200-A timing machine is used to time any mechanical watch. It is also used to place the watch into beat.

The Timing Machine Tape

The watch can be timed in any number of positions. The marks on the tape are used to determine and diagnose many conditions of the watch.

Rolex Mainspring Winders

This precision tool is used to properly insert new mainsprings in the mainspring barrel of the watch. Not using this tool results in distorted mainsrings which cause uneven transmission of power through the watch.

Rolex Mainspring Winders

Close-up view of the Rolex Mainspring Winder. This tool is used for all sizes of watches. Quality tools assure quality repairs.

Rolex Automatic Watch Winder

The Rolex watch is attached to this machine. It is then rotated through all positions, thus winding the watch. A finished Rolex is run on this machine for several days in order to observe it under simulated wearing conditions.


We hope you have found this special page interesting.  There are many more tools that we use when servicing a Rolex watch.  Electronic timing machines, automatic winding machines, and precision oiling tools are just a few.  The pictures above gives you a view into the micro precision world of the modern watchmaker. 

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