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The Waltham Stone Mountain Pocket Watch


The Stone Mountain or crystal plate Waltham pocket watch is very interesting and very unique.  These watches were never mass produced.  The upper plates were made out of stone that was brought in from Mexico.  The watch shown above is a 16 size model 1872.  These contained 16 jewels.


The five pictures above show the smaller sized Stone Mountain pocket watch.  This watch is a small 4 size.  These also contained 16 jewels.  This watch does not have a model number and was the only watch made in the 4 size.

If we find more detailed information on these rare Stone Mountain watches we will add the information here.  We have been doing research on them and hope to have more information soon.

One of the most interesting collectibles from the watch industry in America were the Waltham Riverside displays that shows all of the parts in one 19 jewel Riverside pocket watch.  These were all 16 size watches.  The layout of these varied from minor differences in the placement of parts to major design changes in the way the parts were arraigned.  I have five of these that I have obtained over the years and out of the five there are three different styles of layouts.

To see more of these Waltham displays you can visit our Antique Time Neighborhood Watch message board.  These are displayed in our Horological Artifacts section.

   This is a neat picture of the Waltham Vibrating Hairspring Stud.  These were invented by Fogg.

Here are some pictures of the Waltham Watch Factory that was located in Waltham, Mass.




There is a larger picture of the Waltham Dial Department below.




This is the Waltham Customer Department

This is the Waltham Dial Department.

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