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Waltham Model 1870 Crescent Street

Waltham Crescent Street Model 1870 Serial Number 500785.

We just had the pleasure of servicing a Waltham Model 1870 with a serial number of 500785. This would have been the fourth one of these made. 

These are very interesting pocket watches and they have some very interesting features. The watches are key wound and key set from the back.

      These two pictures show the key wind and key setting features that are on the upper pillar plate of this 18 size Waltham 1870 pocket watch.

The time setting feature is interesting as there is a shaft that extends through the movement to the dial side. This shaft has a small gear staked onto it that needs to be removed before the movement can be taken apart for servicing. Proper use of the staking set will prevent damage to this shaft and gear. You must also use a staking set in order to press the gear back onto the shaft.

  This picture shows the unique click spring mechanism.  You can see the groove that is located on the shaft.  You can also see the click spring.  In this position the watch can be wound as the click can now engage the ratchet gear.

   This picture shows the shaft that goes through the plates of the movement.  This shaft has a gear on the dial side that sets the hands.

   This picture shows the hand setting arbor that is protected by a cup.  Also notice the size of the balance wheel screws.

The other interesting feature is the click mechanism for the mainspring. There is another shaft that fits into the movement that has a very small groove at the base. The click spring engages this groove. Two things can now happen. When you want to release the click, you rotate this shaft and it will catch the pawl on the click spring. This will release the click.

When you turn the shaft in the other direction the groove catches the click spring and then it will engage the ratchet gear under the mainspring barrel. The end of the click spring does not remain in the groove on the shaft. It will rest on the polished surface of the shaft.

The mainspring is a Waltham 2204. These are more narrow than regular Waltham 18 size mainsprings. They have a T end along with a hole end that attaches to the barrel arbor.

These are very nice watches to work on.

Here is some data on these watches.

Start: 7/1/1871 End: 9/1/1871
First: 500781 Last: 501000
Model: 1870 Name: Crescent Street
Material: P Grade: American Waltham Co., Crescent  Street
Size: 18 Size: 18
Plate: Full Plate: NL
Jewelling: 4 Pairs Jewels: 15-17
Balance: ex adjusted Bal: Exp.
Style: KW Style:

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