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What's New at Antique Time.  Check here often for important updates and news from Antique Time.....NEW WATCH LISTINGS.....SERVICE UPDATES......SPECIAL SERVICES......

A New Year And New Things.

We hope everyone had a great New Year.  We certainly did and we are doing many more things that include working with many of our partners.  We will be doing more in the area of parts, dial refinishing and doing more with selling items and services on eBay.  We avoided doing much with eBay due to their many irritating policies as to required payment methods. Now that PayPal is no longer owned by eBay things are much better.  So we will give them another shot.  Our next project involves a new parts supply channel overseas.  Personally we are very excited about that.  Hope you all have a very good New Year.
Posted 1-11-2016

PayPal Invoices And Payments.

We have had two very disturbing issues involving PayPal and invoices we send to customers for payment of their watch repairs.  In both cases after shipping labels were printed via PayPal both of these customers filed non-receipt claims through PayPal.  Due to this we refunded the amounts and requested that we be paid via check.  One customer sent his check and we forwarded his watch to him.  No problem.  The next customer became rather abusive and PayPal decided to return our funds back to us.  Then when we were going to ship, PayPal again held our funds.  So again we refunded the money to this customer.  We decided to remove the parts we supplied and return the watches to him.  He did come out ahead as we did work on the two watches.

What people fail to understand is that we are required by the Postal Service to complete a SCAN form.  This is a Shipping Confirmation Acceptance Notice that shows the number of items to be shipped.  Packages are then given to or picked up by the Postal Service.  If the package count is off by even one item, all items are rejected by the clerk.  Now in the two cases above, we had to take all packages and manually ship the other items as the count was off by these two items. This caused us a lot of time and extra work.  This will NEVER happen again.  Because of PayPal and these two customers, we are now rethinking our 15 plus year relationship with PayPal.  We will now more than likely require all payment to be made via check.  We will likely allow repeat customers to continue using PayPal for their repairs and purchase of tools and supplies.  Hopefully this will solve the recent problems we have encountered.  Thank you for understanding.
Posted 11-1-2015

Price Increases For All Watch Repairs.

Please note that as of June 24, 2015 we have increased our watch repair prices.  For example the service on a railroad grade pocket watch has increased from $82.50 to $92.50.  Non railroad grades have increased from $62.50 to $72.50.  The small mechanical wrist watches will also go from $52.50 to $62.50.  We will also increase the prices on all Swiss mechanical wrist watches.  We think you will still find our prices very reasonable.  Thank you.
Posted 6-24-2015

We Have Made Some Changes To Our Payment And Shipping Page.

Due to several watches arriving without any instructions as to what the customers wanted, we felt it necessary to add more shipping instructions to our Payments and Shipping Page.  You can review the shipping instructions using this link.  Payments and Shipping.
Posted 3-31-2015

Web Site Updates And Accounting System Updates.

We have been making some changes to our accounting system in preparation for the Quickbooks Pro updates.  In doing so we have needed to go back and re-enter about 18 invoices along with the customer data for those invoices.  So if you are expecting an invoice, please be patient while we are working to enter those invoices.  We also have been updating some files on our website and will be making a few minor changes.
Posted 3-20-2015

Phone Number Changes.

Please note that we have eliminated our 213-291-9444 number and have consolidated all inbound calls to our toll free number which is 888-765-3901.
Posted 10-20-2014

Price Increases For Watch Repairs.

For many years now we have not increased our prices for watch repairs.  We have tried to always keep prices as low as possible over the years, but have found that many items and parts have increased in the cost of what we have to pay our suppliers and vendors.  So keeping this in mind we will have a modest price increase for both high end wrist watches and pocket watches.  To give you an example, white alloy mainsprings have increased in price. We used to charge $20.00 for a typical pocket watch mainspring.  It now costs us almost that amount when we buy mainsprings.  Even when buying them in bulk our cost is usually about $15.00 per spring.  Now we will be charging about $30.00 to $40.00 per spring which includes the installation.  Shortly you will see the prices changes take place.  Also for the high end wrist watches we will be placing pricing information as it relates to each watch on their respective web pages.

We really want to thank all of our customers both new and old for letting us take care of your watch repair needs. It's always a pleasure and honor to be able to assist our customers.
Posted 8-28-2014

eBay Has Really Messed Things Up Again.

The small minds at eBay are at it again.  First they decided to eliminate the very popular My World pages and now last week these small minded people removed the wonderful About Me pages.  They have all been replaced with the awful page that shows what they call "Collections."  This is a page that highlights items you are interested in and also features ones Reviews and Guides.  To see this, just click the Visit Our eBay Store link at the top of this page.  You will then see just how eBay can make things look terrible without even trying.
Posted 8-11-2014

Wishing All A Safe and Happy New Year.  Welcome 2014.

We want to wish all of our customers, friends and suppliers a very safe and Happy New Year.  We welcome 2014 with open arms and look forward to a great New Year.  God Bless you all and please be safe as you ring in the New Year.
Posted 12-31-2013

Updates For Website.

We are making some minor changes to our site.  If you notice some places where you see no image and only the box with the "X" in it, that means it is being updated.  Thanks.
Posted 11-4-2013

Please Note Our New Shipping Address.

Today we have a new shipping address.  The new address replaces our old Box 938 that we have used since 2002.  The new box number is easier to get to and is a little more convenient to access.  So here is the new address, only the number has changed.

Antique Time
Post Office Box 1444
Medford, Oregon, 97501-0107

Plus the new Post Office Box number matches our Los Angeles number which is 213-291-9444.  Well sort of but you get the idea.

Thanks for making note of the new shipping address.
Posted 7-26-2013


We Are Back After The Holiday Season.

First we hope that everyone had a very nice holiday season.  We also want to thank all of our customers.  Whether you had a pocket watch or a high grade wrist watch we want you to know that we value both types of customers equally and appreciate your business.

This year will bring about some changes here.  One that I am excited for.  I will retire this coming April.  I have been at the bench for 40 years and it's hard to imagine where those years have gone.  All of the "old guys" that I worked with have since passed on which is very hard to think about.  All of them are missed more than they will ever know.  As for me, I will still work part time at the bench come April.  I will do some pocket watches and a few high grade wrist watches but I will not be in the shop on a full time basis anymore.  And yes, when I am here I will answer the phones as I really enjoy talking to customers.  The thing you need to remember is you, our customers, will still receive our high quality watch repair.

Again, thanks for making the past year enjoyable.  We love our customers and we wish all of you the very best in the New Year.  Stan.
Posted 1-7-2013

Shipping Information Update.

As we have posted on Twitter and our message board the Medford, Oregon main Post Office has moved to a new location.  The new location is nice, but it poses some shipping problems for us due to its small size.  The old main office had room for about seven window clerks and the lobby was very large and could accommodate large numbers of customers.  The new office which is a remolded car dealership only has room for three window clerks and the lobby is very small and cramped.  Because of this we will do our best to avoid shipping our packages from this location.  We are using the carrier pickup service now which is good because the Postal Service will now pick up our packages thus allowing us to avoid standing in crowded post office lines.

Because of this change, we now are using SCAN forms for the Postal Service.  This allows for many packages to be assigned one SCAN form number.  We have now used this service for a few days and it seems to be a very good and efficient process for our shipping needs.
Posted 5-30-2012

Some Email Links Note Working.

We are aware that some of our AOL email addresses are not working.  We do not know the reason for this but we have called AOL at 800-827-6364 and hopefully they will be working shortly.
Posted 4-21-2012

Computer Issues and Update.

Last week on Friday the unthinkable happened.  Our computer that contained our accounting system and our website data decided that its mother board would go out.  We had to go and purchase a new computer/server.  The problem is that I actually was one of the few people left in the world that really like Windows Vista plus I really liked IE-8.  Now with the new system, I am stuck with Window 7 and IE-9 both of which really stink as far as I'm concerned.  And you guessed it, as soon as we get some extra time, we are going to have the old computer repaired.  I really miss the old one which was an Acer.  It was very reliable for many years.  We bought a Gateway as a replacement which is alright as we do have one Gateway that was bought way back in 1998.  That one ran 24/7 for over 10 years without any problems, so that is why we bought a new Gateway.  I hope it does the same until we can get the old Acer up and running again.

Now the rub.  Our Estimates, Invoices and Sales Receipts were delayed due to the fact that we could not email them out.  As of today, everything is up and running without any issues.  One remaining problem is the USPS Shipping Assistant Program.  We will still need to download it again and recover our shipping history that we have maintained over the years.  This has caused a slight delay in shipping some jobs out to customers.  Things in this department should be back to normal by the end of the week.  We hope that this is the end of the unexpected technical issues for awhile.
Posted 4-18-2012

It's Our 12 Year Anniversary On eBay.

It is hard to imagine that Timebuilder (which is us) has been a member of the eBay community for 12 years now.  We received a nice certificate from the President and CEO of eBay today.  If you would like, you can see our certificate using this link.  http://horologist.yuku.com/topic/1865/eBay-12-Year-Anniversary-For-Timebuilder-CONGRATULATIONS.
Posted 12-26-2011

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

We would like to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year.  Please be safe and enjoy this special time of the year with your family and friends.  We pray that God will bless all of you with good health and prosperity in the coming New Year.  From all of us at Antique Time.
Posted 12-23-2011

Special Update End of the Year Service.

This is to advise our customers that we will not be taking in anymore repairs until Tuesday, January 3, 2012.  This is so that we can complete all jobs that are now in our shops.  The only exception to this is for emergencies such as a broken crystal on your watch.  We will make every effort to accommodate customers that have accidents with their watches.  We would also like to wish everyone a very happy Thanksgiving.  Please be careful when traveling to visit family and friends.  We appreciate your continued support and want everyone to know just how much we appreciate our customers, vendors and clients.
Posted 11-22-2011

Steve Jobs 1955-2011.

   As you all know, Steve Jobs passed away at age 55.  It is rare that we would ever post a comment about one's passing on our web site, Mr. Jobs is the exception to this.  Due to his wonderful creations he in a way made our business more productive with the iPhones and iPads that we use on a daily basis here.  I remember when I was in Los Angeles years ago I saw the first iPhone that was for sale.  At the time I thought it was totally dumb and useless.  Years later when all of our other phones gave out we were forced to buy an iPhone 3GS.  In a matter of days, I was hooked on them and Apple products in general.  More iPhones were purchased along with iPads to be used here.  We love them and the genius behind them, being Steve Jobs.  He will be missed as over the years I have always followed what he was doing.  I am glad that in the last year of his life, he made plans and designs for more wonderful products that will carry Apple for another 5 to 10 years.  Today is no different, as Apple has now released its new operating system as well as iTunes 10.5.  I look forward to installing the new OS system on all of our Apple products.  Steve will be missed greatly, but he lives on in the wonderful things he created and we will remember him every time we use one of them.
Posted 10-12-11

Important NEWS Updates For Antique Time.

We have received a notice from Pacific Power that on Thursday, July 14, 2011 from 9:00am until 12:00pm there will be a power interruption.  Pacific Power is in the process of improving electric service reliability in our area.  This notice is subject to change due to changes in the weather that would prevent work being done.

We would also like to let you know that we are now operating a full service weather station that is owned and operated by Antique Time.  Our weather station uploads weather conditions to the web every 2.5 seconds.  Our station is positioned at 1335 feet above sea level.  We are also members of the Citizen Weather Observer Program.  Our CWOP station call sign is DW8000.  Our weather data is uploaded to CWOP about every 15 minutes.  Our weather data is also uploaded to the Weather Underground.  You can view our weather station here.  Railroad Park Medford Oregon Weather.  We hope you enjoy our weather station and find it useful.
Posted 07-09-11

Pocket watch repair update.

Over the past year we have all seen the price of gold reach all time historic highs in excess of $1400.00 per Troy ounce.  We have all seen the buying power of our dollar drop.  It is for these very reasons that we have not increased the price of our repairs.  Our company in many cases has absorbed price increases and have not passed these onto our customers.  We have not lost as over the year it always seems to balance out and we all make a living and keep our websites up and running, for which we are grateful.

As we noted on 5-30-2010, we discontinued the service and repair of pocket watches that were not classified as railroad grade watches.  We will continue this practice and within the year, we will get to the point that we will no longer service any pocket watch.  The reason for this is very simple.  Times have changed, people pick up a pocket watch and look at it as being some sort of a novelty to own and show their friends.  People have no respect for pocket watches anymore.  Their fathers and grandfathers were probably the last generation of people that carried them daily for work.  The Old-timers knew how to take care of them and how to use them.  They had respect for the quality of a good American made pocket watch.  But this, like many other things in life has vanished and given way to other things in our throw away society of people.  So this coming year we will no longer work on any pocket watch.  This is sad to announce, but it is a fact of life.  We worked on them for almost 40 years now and we still have a very large supply of American made pocket watch parts.  We will still service a select few on a case-by-case basis.  We will see how this pans out for everyone.
Posted 02-04-10

Service Policy Update.  Pocket Watches and Pocket Watch Case Repair.

We have found it necessary to make some changes in our watch repair service policy as it applies to pocket watches and pocket watch case repairs.  We will no longer service any pocket watch that is smaller than 16 size.  To determine the size of your pocket watch please see our Watch Size page.  We will no longer service any pocket watch that contains less than 15 jewels.  We have also determined that we will no longer repair any pocket watch case.  We will no longer rebuild case hinges on hunter case pocket watches.

The justification for this service policy change is that we are going to devote the majority of our time servicing and repairing wrist watches.  This service policy change will make it possible for us to provide faster and better service to our customers.  At some point in the near future we will start selling many pocket watch parts that we have maintained and collected over the past 35 years.  We feel that it is better to narrow the scope of our watch repair service rather than continue offering such a wide variety of different services that have put a strain upon our ability to satisfy our customers.
Posted 05-30-10

Merry Christmas and Holiday Season.

We would like to wish all of our customers, message board readers and all of our suppliers and our many friends on Twitter a very wonderful holiday season and a very Merry Christmas.  We know that this past year has presented many difficult times for many people in our country.  These difficult times bring to light the many opportunities we have had to help people.  We pray for our leaders that they may be inspired to always do the right thing.  From all of us at Antique Time our prayers are always with you.  God bless everyone and we pray that next year will be better for everyone.
Posted 12-6-09

Timebuilder American Horologist Blogs Relocated From eBay.

Most of you that follow eBay already know that they have made the decision to retire the popular eBay Blogs on October 31, 2009.  Thousands of bloggers have been very upset with eBay's decision but there is nothing anyone can do other than to find new and exciting places to post blogs.  Because of this we have closed our eBay blogs and moved the postings to two different locations.  We have been using both sites to determine which one will work the best for us.  We like certain aspects of each one.  These blogs can be found using the following links.  Timebuilder on Blogspot or at Timebuilder on LiveJournal.

Blogspot looks very nice but the layout is rather narrow and it is not easy when you cut-and-paste from our web sites to it.  LiveJournal is very simple to use and we can cut-and-paste all content to it directly from our web sites or message board.  So take a look and we are sure you will enjoy the same articles and content that we posted on the retired eBay blogs.
Posted 09-16-09

New Internet Service Provider No More Charter Welcome Clearwire.

Today we decided to get rid of Charter Communications for our internet service provider.  We have been with Charter for over 10 years and their service continued to go downhill.  Although Charter will not admit to it, I firmly believe that many of our phone problems were directly related to their service.  My reasons for this may be wrong, but Charter is now pushing a VOiP phone service and I believe they do not want to provide internet service when a company uses another VOiP provider.  We could continue to receive calls but when we made calls they would last only about 30 to 45 seconds and then we would be disconnected.  So today we are getting internet service with Clearwire.  We hope that this helps with the problems we have been facing.  Another problem we had with Charter was like today when their service was down from 8AM until about 3PM this afternoon.  No explanation was given for this down-time either.
Posted 09-09-09

It's Just Like The Movie National Treasure.....

The telephone issue became a very daunting task today.  Numerous calls to and from RingCentral.  What we did was change some extensions and a few other technical things that I truly don't understand nor do I really want to understand.  But....like the movie National Treasure, one clue leads to another and another and another.  We would fix one thing and another glitch arrived.  The final thing was that our "Click To Call" buttons would display a "mailbox full message."  So we had to go through and recode the buttons and change them on the pages that used the old ones.  Well maybe we are about to the end of the phone problems.
Posted 09-02-09

Inbound and outbound Phone calls not connecting or dropping.

UPDATE:  We continue to be having problems with our RingCentral phone service.  At times calls will not ring through to our office from either our toll free line or our local number.  What we have been doing is monitoring our call logs on a continual basis and have been returning unconnected or uncompleted calls using our Skype account.  We really apologize for this problem as we know it is important for our customers to be able to call us and actually be connected to a live person to talk to.  We hope that this problem gets resolved shortly.  In the meantime if we need to we will return your call using RingCentral if it is working and if not we will return calls using Skype.  Thank YOU!
Posted 09-01-09

We are aware of this problem and the technicians at RingCentral have been working to correct the issues.  As of this afternoon the issues appear to have been resolved and corrected.  We apologize for any confusion this may have caused our customers.
Posted 08-19-09

A Few Web Site Design Changes.

We have been making a few changes to Horologist.com the last two days.  We have eliminated a few pages that no longer applied to any current information.  We are also making a new page that pertains to Dial Refinishing and Dial Enhancements.  Access to this page is from our home page.  We have not completed the design yet but it should be uploaded within the next few days.  We have also changed our Timebuilder Auction page.  It now displays about 10 active listings at the top of the page rather than at the bottom.
Posted 07-16-09

Antique Time Is Now On Twitter.  Be sure to follow us!

As you probably know by now Timebuilder is already on Twitter.  Now Antique Time is also on Twitter.  Both Timebuilder and Antique Time serve two different purposes on Twitter.  Timebuilder is geared to our eBay auctions and general information as to what is going on in the world of Twitter.  Antique Time is geared more towards our watch service and repair along with general watch repairs and information.  So be sure to also follow Antique Time on Twitter.
Posted 06-23-09

Timebuilder Is Now On Twitter.  Be sure to follow us!

Over the past year or so we have experimented with Twitter.  We found it to be a very amazing tool of sorts.  Most interesting was how we were able to post information about our recent trip to Thailand simply by using our mobile phones.  This was neat because our friends and family were able to follow our trip in detail as it progressed.  If you would like to "Follow" us, you can use the Twitter link on our home page or you can use the following link also.  Follow Timebuilder on Twitter.  We hope to see you on Twitter.
Posted 06-14-09

Updated Our Accounting Systems To Quickbooks Pro 2009.

For the last two days we have been updating our accounting systems to the new version of Quickbooks Pro.  Our last update was in 2006.  We also moved our programs to a new computer that runs Windows Vista.  We are not fans of Vista, but hey, what can you do when that is the only game in town?  We verified all data and have started using the new system.  No problems have been encountered.

Also, eBay has been working on some changes as to how buyers will see auctions this June.  We are NOT pleased with their changes as we are able to preview the new format.  It is simply terrible.  Side navigation bars are missing that detailed our store inventory and there is more white space than you can imagine.  Looks like the programmers at eBay are looking for way to keep their jobs.
Posted 05-14-09

We Are Back From Our Vacation and Other Info.

We have returned from our vacation to Thailand.  We had a very wonderful trip and it was very nice to visit with friends and family.  Just about the time we were getting ready to leave things kind of took a turn for the worse as many of the Red Shirt protestors were beginning to cause many problems both in Bangkok and Pattiya.  These protests escalated into rather violent actions where the military and police had to act to put a stop to the problems within the last few days.  Both the military and the police acted with a great amount of restraint.  However, it is still nice to be back home and we miss Thailand very much.

Upon our return we had many emails and many phone messages.  We have managed to answer the majority of our emails and have returned many phone messages.  We have not been able to answer many phones calls due to the large volume we have received requesting parts and material orders along with our eBay auctions.  We hope that by next week our call volume will return to normal so that we can directly answer phone calls.

Our shipping is now getting back to normal and any orders that were delayed have now been processed.  Thanks for your patience and again it is nice to be back home and back to work.
Posted 04-15-09

Antique Time Vacation Information.

It is that time of year again when we will be closed for approximately three weeks.  This is for our annual Far East trip that will take us to Thailand.  We will be making visits to different watch facilities in Bangkok and we will also be making visits with friends and family that reside in Thailand.  This will be one of our best trips to date as it will give us the unique opportunity to also visit with some of our colored stone suppliers.

We will be leaving on March 9th. and will return on March 30th.  We will be back to work on April 1st.  We look forward to seeing you then.
Posted 02-24-09

Inbound Phone Calls From Some Customers Not Connecting.

We are aware that some customers, including some of our suppliers have been experiencing problems when calling.  We have isolated the problem where our phone service directs some callers to our voice mail while allowing others callers to be able to connect with us directly.  This appears to happen more frequently when calls are routed to us via a wireless connection.  We should have this situation resolved shortly.
Posted 02-24-09

Antique Time Wishes All A Very Merry Christmas.

We want to wish all of our customers, associates and friends a very Merry Christmas.  We will return to work on December 29th.  Our office will remain open on December 26th.  for shipping and year end processing.

Have a very Merry and Safe Christmas from all of us to all of you.
Posted 12-24-08.

Closed On December 9th.  New Power Lines Are Being Installed.

Please note that on December 9, 2008 we will be closed all day.  Pacific Power is installing new underground power cables.  They will begin at 8:00AM and they expect the job will be completed by 6:00PM.
Posted 12-08-09

Antique Time and Timebuilder eBay Auctions are now PayPal Verified.

Today we completed the final process of becoming PayPal verified.  This process was originally designed for the paperless payment policy initiated by eBay.  Antique Time now has a business account with PayPal.  We will be installing links on all Antique Time Invoices that will allow our customers to pay using their credit card of choice.
Posted 11-24-08

eBay Auctions and PayPal.

In order to comply with the new eBay policy of NO paper payments for auctions we have completed setting up a new PayPal Business account.  This is for the payment of eBay auctions and services only.  If you are not aware of eBay's new policy, you can no longer pay for items you win or buy using checks or money orders.  You have to pay using a credit card or a service such as PayPal.  We actually do not like eBay's new policy as it forces sellers and buyers to use eBay's PayPal service.  eBay now makes money both on the auction and the fees charged by PayPal.
Posted 10-24-08

Web Site Down Time And Server Relocation.

For the past two days our web sites have been operating on a very intermittent basis.  This is due to the relocation of the servers from Ft. Lauderdale, Florida to Tampa, Florida.  This is because ValueWeb merged with Hostway a few months ago.  As of 10:00am Pacific time all of our sites appear to be operating normally.  We apologize for any delay or concerns this may have caused our clients and customers.
Posted 5-29-08

Phone System Down Time To Be Corrected.

All VoIP phone lines are operating normally.
Posted 3-3-08

Our Toll Free phone number is operating normally.  Our main office direct number has experienced periods of unexpected down time.  This technical problem should be corrected by Friday, February 29, 2008.  We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused our callers and clients.
Posted 2-28-08

HoroFind Watch Parts and Material Locator Service.

We have literally supplied hundreds of obsolete watch parts to many collectors over the last two years via our HoroFind message board.  As of February 27, 2008 we will no longer operate our HoroFind service.  Over the next few months we will be placing any parts we have into our eBay Store.  Links to our eBay Store can be found at the top of any page in our web site.  Thanks to all those that supported HoroFind.
Posted 2-27-08

Possible Change In Store For Our Online eStore.


We are now in the process of creating our new online eStore.  Check back soon for additional details.  Posted 2-25-08

We have been investigating other providers for our Timebuilders Online eStore.  For about the last two years we have been using ProStores but have determined that they are no longer able to provide us with the services that we need and our customers want.  We have determined at this point in time that Volusion might become our new host for our online eStore.  ProStores is very out-dated with their software and have not been very willing to make upgrades that clients want.  Volusion on the other hand is up to date with the latest online solutions which provide multiple pictures of items as well as making Google Checkout available.  We will keep you posted here!
Posted 1-21-08

Phone System Upgrade Completed.

We have completed our phone system upgrades.  We have installed VoIP service that is provided by RingCentral.  You can visit their web site at www.ringcentral.com.  We have dedicated lines for wrist watch customers, our pocket watch customers as well as lines for our Timebuilder eBay Auctions and our Timebuilders Online eStore.  Our new phone system makes it possible to provide our customers with up-to-date information concerning repairs and orders.  We hope you enjoy our new phone system as much as we do.  Our phone contact information can be found on our Contact Us page.
Posted 11-12-07

Veterans Day 2007.

Antique Time will be closed Monday, November 12, 2007 in observance of Veterans Day.  As you know the United States Postal Service and banking institutions will also be closed.

Columbus Day 2007.

Antique Time will be closed Monday , October 8, 2007 in observance of Columbus Day.  As you know the United States Postal Service and banking institutions will also be closed.

Horologist.com Web Site Updates.

For the better part of today our web site has been down.  The reason for this is so that we could upgrade our navigation structure.  We have placed all of our pocket watch information within the Gallery of Time section of our web site.  This will make it much easier for our visitors to see all of the information in one place as it relates to pocket watches.

We have also eliminated many pages that are no longer used or needed.  Much of this information could already be found within our message boards so we did away with the duplication of information.

During the next few weeks we will also be revising many of the internal components of our web sites.  File structures will be re-named and organized better for use on our end.  The visitor will not notice these corrections, but they will improve the performance of our web sites.
Posted 9-04-07

Labor Day Weekend 2007.

Antique Time will be closed from Friday, August 31st. until September 4th. so that our members can spend the weekend with their families.  Also many of our suppliers will also be closed for the long four day weekend.  We will be shipping finished jobs today as usual.  Have a great Labor Day Holiday and be safe.

Computer System Upgrades

We have been upgrading our main computer systems that are located in our Medford Center Shop.  This turned our to be a bigger project than what was expected.  We installed new 250 gigabyte hard drives and also added several powered USB ports.  The new drives are manufactured by Seagate which improved our system performance and reliability.

We expect that everything will be back to normal within a few days as we expect to find a few minor bugs here and there.
Posted 8-28-07

Timebuilders Online eStore Is Now Open For Business.

We are always looking for new ways to bring our products and services to the market place in order to better serve our valued clients and customers.  With this in mind we have just opened our new Timebuilders Online eStore.

Our new eStore is tied to our eBay Store Front.  This is unique as both venues are operated and hosted by eBay.  This makes it very easy for our auction customers to also visit our eStore during checkout where they have the opportunity to view and purchase other items they may be looking for.  It also makes it very easy for us to upload our eStore items to our eBay Store Front.

We have been adding many new items at our Timebuilders Online eStore.  We are still in the learning process and it will take some time until we learn all of the features that our new eStore offers our clients and customers in bringing our products and services to the online market place.  Be sure to click the links above to visit our new store today.  Posted 2-11-07.

Holiday Greetings From All Of Us At Antique Time.  2006

We want to thank all of our customers from our web sites and also our wonderful customers who thought enough of us to make purchases from our eBay Timebuilder Auctions.  We especially want to thank our customers who live in foreign countries who trusted us to deliver our products to them.  We wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and hope that peace finds you.  Posted 11-08-06.

Internet Explorer 7.0 and QuickBooks Pro 2003

A few months ago we received an automatic update for Internet Explorer.  This was an upgrade from version 6.0.  After the upgrade, we discovered that our accounting program with all customer files was no longer operational.  We contacted QuickBooks and was advised that a patch would soon be released to correct the compatibility issue.  After one month nothing was done to correct the problem.  We were advised that the best plan of action was to purchase the newest version of QuickBooks Pro 2006.  This was done and the program was updated.  The next process was to transfer all of the customer data files and the item file listings.  After testing, we found that everything is again operational.  During the time this change and upgrade was being done there was no way to email clients with estimates and invoices.  As of today we are again operational and estimates and invoices are being emailed to customers.  We apologize for any delay and problems this has caused.  Thank YOU!  Posted 11-29-06.

Web Site Updates Are Coming Soon To Horologist.com.

We will soon be making our web site much more efficient.  The content for the most part will remain the same, but the navigation structure is going to change.  For example, in the Pocket Watch section the navigation structure will be removed for all pocket watch related information.  Hyperlinks will be added to only one or two pages.  Clicking on any link will take you to the described content and information.  This change will make our web sites much more attractive and easier to use.  It is expected that these changes will take place within the next two to three weeks as we design the new navigation structure.  Posted 9-11-06.


Update To Email Service As Posted Below on 7-14-06.

For the last three plus weeks, we have not been answering ANY emails at all.  This is a direct result of a virus that infected our systems which arrived as an attachment.  The virus that was received was called (we removed the name so not to corrupt file).  This virus opens back doors to systems and also installs many popups.  From what we have learned, companies that use this are located in the Ukraine, Australia, and a few others.  After this gets installed on your systems, you are prompted to visit a host of web sites that claim to have removal tools designed to eliminate the virus or Trojan.   For those that are uninformed, you will contact one of these companies in hopes of getting rid of the problem.  You give them your credit card information, as these companies all look very legitimate.  If you make the mistake of giving them your credit card information, you will soon discover that your account has been taken and your funds removed.  Do NOT make this mistake.  We did not as we made several searches on the web and found out how to remove this spy ware.  The correct program to use, and it is FREE, is called SmitFraudFix.  It is easy to use and cleans your system of this problem.  Posted 9-11-06.


Antique Time Neighborhood Watch Message Board Update.

For the last 4 years we have operated our ATNW message board as an "open community."  We provided well over 1500 articles about watches that covered subjects from repairs to interesting horological facts and information.  Everyday we logged well over 450 visitors to the message board.  After giving the matter much though and consideration, the decision was made to make our community available to members only.  This is known as Membership By Approval.  Doing this has eliminated an undesirable element from visiting our message board.  Those still interested in what we have to offer are invited to apply for membership to our community.  Anyone is welcome to visit, but you must join in order to post.  Updated  5-14-06.

HoroFind.  Watch Parts & Material Locator Service.

HoroFind is a new FREE service provided by Antique Time that is designed to assist those who have been looking for watch parts and material for both vintage watches and other more recent styles of watches.  HoroFind already has hundreds of part listings.  It is a new service that was designed one month ago and officially went online on March 26, 2006.  We also have a new web address for HoroFind.  It is HoroFind Watch Parts and Material Locator Service.   We hope that it will benefit many, and even if only one watch is saved because of this service, it will have been a success.  3-27-06.

Holiday Greetings From All Of Us At Antique Time.

We would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a very Happy Thanksgiving and a very Merry Christmas.  We want to thank all of our customers who trusted us with their watch repair needs and we would also like to thank all of our eBay customers who thought enough of our products and services that they chose to buy from our Timebuilder eBay Auctions.

We want everyone to know that you are all in our prayers, and it is our sincere wish that this finds you and yours in the best of health and prosperity for the coming New Year.  11-22-05.

Hurricane Katrina.

Our thoughts and our prayers go out to the many who have fallen victim to hurricane Katrina.  We know there are no words that can really express our heart felt feelings and that nothing anyone can say can really help in a time like this.

Over the years, we have had the opportunity to repair watches and to sell watches to many customers in the affected areas.  We also have many customers who have  purchased items from us on eBay who reside there as well.  It is our prayer that all of you are well, and that you and your loved ones are safe.  8-31-2005.

Antique Time Neighborhood Watch.

This is really interesting.  In the early morning hours of May 31, 2005, we noticed the start of an attack on the servers that host our message board.  This message board supplies support to our main web site horologist.com and our mirror site timebuilders.com.  We use our message board to supply information to our customers and to our clients.  In relationship to other message boards hosted by EZboard, we are really small, but none-the-less, our information and our data is important.

It is not uncommon for us to use links from our web site that refers to information that is contained within our message board.  As the night progressed, we noticed that at about 5:00AM, most of our postings were missing.  We contacted EZboard to request a restoration of our data.  This is when we got the news of the attack on their servers.  We are waiting for all of this to be restored from backups, servers caches, and other data restoration procedures.  We hope this can be done soon so that we can either be totally operational as it was, or get the data and replace the links as needed.

Spring Buying Trip to Las Vegas and Palm Springs.

We have now returned from our annual Spring Buying trip.  This takes us to many different locations that include Salt Lake City, St. George, Utah.  Then we head over to Las Vegas.  After several days in Las Vegas, we head over into Palm Springs.  This was a fantastic trip and we are glad to be back to the shop.  We found many nice watches and we will be selling them on eBay in the next few weeks.

We will also be posting some nice photos of our trip.  As soon as we get them posted, we will put up a link here just for you. 4-11-05

We Have Upgraded To AOL Security Edition To Protect YOU.

There are many things crawling around the internet.  One that concerns us the most is the so called spy ware programs that get into you computers and search for information.  We have now added firewalls and spy ware protection programs to make sure that your personal information stays where it belongs.  Right here.  So when you become one of our valued customers, you never have to worry about your personal information getting into the wrong hands.  3-2-05

February, 2005 Has Been A Very Busy Month For Us.

Our first project involved the moving of our material supply department to a better location where we have better access to our inventory.  We are now in the process of going through all of the old material such as crystals from the 20's, 30's and 40's.  Most of these will be disposed of due to the fact there simply is no longer a call or a demand for these old plastic crystals.  Most of what we will be getting rid of are the ladies crystals.  If we have not needed but only a few over the past few years, there is no sense in having the tie up valuable space.

Our next project involved upgrading our accounting programs again.  The last update we did was back in 2002.  So we have now upgraded our Quickbooks Pro accounting systems to the new 2005 versions.  This was completed today, February 15, 2005.  The most noticeable difference is the way Invoices, Estimates and Statements are sent to our customers.  They are now sent using PDF files.  The customer sees an email with the basic information so that they know who it came from.  Then the customer will open the PDF file to see the actual invoice.  One advantage to this is that email programs will not send our forms to spam folders as has been the case in the past.  We hope this works well for our customers.

Our move has delayed a few watch repairs, but we are now working day and night to get them finished, timed and packaged for delivery.

We Have Finished Upgrading Our Computers And Network.

On October 21st., one of our computer screens failed.  This was the one that is used to communicate with our customers.  We then decided to replace all 4 screens.  This was done and things worked well for a few days.  We finished having our cable lines installed so that we no longer needed to rely on our local phone service provider for internet access.  This was a problem as our lines were taken down before we wanted them down.  We were still in the process of installing the cables.  Then yesterday, October 27th., our cable lines became active.  The final connections were made and again we were online.  It was very difficult to go for 3 days without any link to our customers and new clients.  Now, everything is going well and we are again getting caught up with emails and work.  Shipping of finished watches has been delayed a week due to downtime we experienced with the change over to cable.  We will begin shipping next week.  Thanks for your patience.  October 28, 2004.

Our Web Site Move Is Completed....

The move to the new servers went very well.  We had a few minor image problems and the links had to be repaired.  This has been a month of moves.  Our message board was moved to a new server as was our web site.  We hope we can keeps things steady now and concentrate on the business of repairing fine watches and conducting our eBay auctions.  Thanks for being patient.  May 27, 2004.

Our Web Site Is Moving To A New Hosting Company....

For the past 3 or 4 years our web site has been hosted by ComCity in Dublin, California.  For the most part they have been good, but as of late the quality of their service has been lacking.  Email seemed to be the big issue.  We could receive them from customers, but all of a sudden, we could not reply from inside our own domain.  ComCity seemed unwilling to fix the problem. 

Another issue was our web site statistics.  They became non-functional and ComCity was not willing to make the investment to upgrade to the new software.

So after about 5 years, we are going back to our roots.  We are pleased to announce that we are going to be hosted again by ValueWeb in Ft. Lauderdale, FL.  We started the process today, May 18, 2004.  We have made contact with Network Solutions and our new IP address has been registered and ValueWeb has assigned us to their servers.  We expect that everything will be done in a few days.  You might notice some slight downtime, but we think it will be very minimal.  Most of the downtime will be a result of our new location and the new IP address propagating throughout the Internet.

New E-mail Address For Our eBay Auctions....

We had some minor concerns about our previous e-mail address that was used in conjunction with our eBay auctions, therefore we now have a new address for the exclusive use with our auctions.  This new address is now our official e-mail address and is registered with eBay.  All of our official auction e-mail will now use this new address as of May 5, 2004.  The new address is TimebuilderEbay@aol.com  Only official auction e-mail relating to our eBay auctions will be replied to.

New Message Board Server....

We now have a new server for our message board.  Ezboard made sweeping upgrades with all new servers along with moving to a new location.  We expected the downtime to last only for one day.  This soon ran into several days as our old server Pub73 would not redirect to the new server p200.  Because of this we had to edit all of our links that made reference to our old server.  Here is the new link for you to bookmark.  Antique Time Neighborhood Watch.

Its Been Awhile....

We have all been very busy since last Christmas.  We have made a few changes and decided to liquidate many of the duplicate tools that we have had just taking up room.  We have sold many of these items on eBay.  We are still listing tons of tools and are now starting to get into the Levin tools.

Did You Know....

You can always check out what we are going to auction by making a visit to our Antique Time Neighborhood Watch message board.  Look under Auctions By Antique Time.


Merry Christmas....

We want to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas.  To us, Christ will always be in Christmas.  He has always been here for us and we will always be here for him.  There are those that wish to take Christ out of everything.  The sad thing is our courts agree with many of them.  There is a place for those people and I hope they will enjoy it there.  We respect the views of many different religious beliefs.  We are a nation of many and we as a country should understand that.  We should not take offense if we see a Nativity scene or a Menorah placed in a public place.  We should be adult enough to accept it and to realize that we are not the only ones whose views and beliefs are  important.  God created all men as being equal.  Why can't we practice the same and respect the beliefs of others.

Again, Merry Christmas to all.  God bless you.

Message Board....

Today we are going to discontinue the use of our customer e-mail list and will officially begin the use of our message board.  Antique Time Neighborhood Watch.

We have found that we can reach more visitors and customers and those that are simply interested in watches and horology via a message board.  With the message board we can post information daily so that all visitors can see it, rather than sending the same information to only those that signed up for our newsletter.  Our message board community also offers the benefit of being more interactive with both customers and visitors.  So click the link above and give it a try.  It's New, It's Fun and It's Exciting.  November 14, 2003

Payment Options....

Antique Time and our auction service, Timebuilder, accept the following payment options.  We gladly accept personal checks, business checks, money orders, and if you have purchased an item from us on eBay, you are also welcome to use BidPay.


Shipping of all repairs are done on Saturday and again on Wednesday.  We ship all repairs by Priority Mail.  We have found this to be the safest way to send watches.  Combined with insurance you are guaranteed that your watch will arrive safe.  We also take great care in packaging your watch.  Certain items will be sent by Registered Mail.

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